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Because Who You Work With Matters

Aside from being trained in cognitive behavioral therapy, being solution focused, and goal orientated the most important thing you need to know about me is that I care. This, of course, is something that you cannot measure objectively, but my hope is that when we work together you get the sense that someone isn’t just rattling off recommendations or sending you worksheets. I want you to know that I take my work very seriously and treat each client like a whole person rather than a set of problems.

The Advantages of Online Counseling

The most obvious benefit is accessibility. Whether you live in San Francisco, Los Angeles, or San Diego, the internet allows you and I to connect. In short, distance becomes a non-factor.

The second most obvious benefit to online counseling comes down to convenience. Whether it’s due to limited mobility, living in a rural area, time restrictions, or some other barrier, working with me online just makes the process of therapy easier to complete. Not only is there no traffic or parking hassles, you can even bypass the waiting room and clerical staff in the process.

Lastly, there’s the matter of privacy. The truth is that some people just don’t feel comfortable letting other people know that they are working with a counselor. There could be many reasons for wanting to maintain a higher degree of privacy and online counseling helps you do this. It also gives you more control over when and where your sessions will occur.




Level of Severity

Online counseling is appropriate for people who are struggling with symptoms of anxiety or depression but continue to complete the tasks of every day living such as self-care, going to work or school, and the like. Online counseling is not appropriate for people that are experiencing suicidal or homicidal thoughts. It is also inappropriate for people that are experiencing hallucinations or other severe mental illness.


It is important to note that I can only provide online counseling to people that live in the state of California. This is a law that I strictly observe. Therefore, if you decide to work with me I will ask you to provide proof of California residency.

I Will Ask You to Fill Stuff Out

Online counseling is “real” counseling. Therefore I treat all my clients with the highest level of care possible. This means that I will ask you to complete intake forms. The good news is that you can complete and sign all forms online, so the process is 100% paperless. Your records will be stored in a HIPPA compliant environment with bank level encryption.

Basic Requirements

I have tried to make the experience of online counseling as easy as possible. Therefore, all you need to participate is a computer, tablet, or smartphone. As long as you have one of these devices and a moderately fast internet connection you and I can work together online.

No Downloads

Instead of downloading a bunch of software or plugins I simply send you a link that will automatically connect us over a secure network. This means that I do not use programs such as Skype because they are not HIPPA compliant.

The Benefits
  • Accessibility
  • Convenience
  • Privacy
  • Affordability
The Risks

Confidentiality and security:

I have an ethical and legal obligation to protect your privacy. It is one of the most important aspects of my profession. However, the security of client records cannot be guaranteed.

Although I use HIPPA compliant systems to deliver my services, we unfortunately live in a world where online records are not always completely securable. Therefore there is a slight but real risk that your confidential information could be obtained by unauthorized means. That said, I continuously strive to monitor and update my systems to ensure your confidentiality.

Technical Difficulties

It is possible that during our session you or I may encounter technical difficulties that may terminate our connection without warning. This could be due to a server crashing, power outage, etc. There may also be difficulty connecting with you if you or I are experiencing a poor internet connection.

Super Bill to the Rescue?

I currently do not take any form of insurance as payment. However, upon request I can provide a “super bill.” It is more than a receipt, it includes very specific information about me and the services I provide you. You can submit a super bill to your insurance carrier for reimbursement minus your deductible.

Free Consultations – $0

You can call or visit me in person for a free 25 minute consultation.

Individual Session – $65

Individual sessions are conducted online or over the phone. You have the flexibility of selecting any of these options.

Extended Session – $85

Each session is 90 minutes long and is conducted online or over the phone. You can schedule sessions once per week or once a month.

Crisis Management

During the assessment process you and I will work toward identifying all emergency services available near you. This may include city or county based emergency services.

I also require that you identify one emergency contact, whether friend or family member, that I can contact in case of emergencies.

Lastly, we will complete a brief safety plan to detail what you and I will do in case of an emergency.

This process is not lengthy but very important. Ultimately, your safety and well being is my priority.



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Emphasis on Anxiety and Depression

I feel strongly that every counselor should have a specific clinical focus.  My focus is anxiety and depression. I have worked with hundreds of clients that were struggling with either anxiety, depression, or both. I have always found my work with this population to be the most rewarding professionally and personally. This is why I have spent the bulk of my training increasing my clinical knowledge of these two troublesome problems. And even now I continue my efforts to expand my understanding of anxiety and depression as new research reveals ever greater detail about their origin and treatment.

Solution Focused

My work is firmly rooted in solutions and not problems. My aim is to help you develop specific goals, skills, and strategies to improve your current situation.

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